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The Galadari Investment Office has afforded Kalman Sporn the opportunity to work with Governments and related agencies on issues related to Middle East affairs. Kalman has played an active role in government affairs from an early age.

He worked for current US Senator Charles Schumer on Middle East affairs while still at the City University of New York. In 2000 Kalman was the Republican candidate for the New York State Assembly endorsed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Although since Mr Sporn spends significant time in Europe and the Middle East he continues to support candidates of both US parties, educating them about Middle East fiscal policy.

When the rippling effects of the US economic crises took hold in Europe in 2007; Mr. Sporn advised Lord David Alton of Liverpool and Lord Daniel Brennan QC to convene a session at the House of Lords on corporate governance. Kalman selected an influential group of family offices, pensions funds and public charities to participate in this dialogue.

In 2008 Mr. Sporn formally advised the offices of Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and the Netherlands Ministry on Economic Affairs on their Middle East strategy. Kalman orchestrated subsequent meetings in Dubai and The Hague between diplomats and Gulf based investment groups.



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